Welcome to Central Asia!
since 1990
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Welcome to Central Asia
Your travel guide in the heart of Asia
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Travel Agency Tour Asia was founded in 1990.

We organize tours throughout Central Asia. In just 32 years, we have welcomed 442,300 tourists from 44 countries. Most of the tourists are from Europe, USA, Australia, Asia and Canada.

We work with more than 30 partners, provide service for clients with  English trains, and private jets. Also, we organize cultural tours along the Great Silk Road, trips to nature with different landscapes – steppe, mountains, small local villages, lakes. You can get acquainted with the culture of nomads, try local national food, see spectacular games of nomads, spend the night in yurts decorated with jewelry and decorations.

Our agency is engaged in booking guides, hotels, restaurants, transport, and isuue railway and flight tickets.  

We provide escorts throughout the journey. Our tour leaders are trained every year with an English partner on how to interact and conduct a dialogue with customers, so that the situation throughout the tour is comfortable for everyone, how to provide first aid.

Our company has a license to carry out tourist activities in Central Asia. We conclude a tour service agreement with each partner.

Our company has a large choice of comfortable transport from cars to big coaches.

In our agency there are English, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Japan -speaking guides.

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan are a visa-free countries for more than 60 countries (including countries in Europe, America, Australia and Canada). Also, if it is necessary, we provide services of visa support letters for those countries who need a visa to enter.

For 33 years, we have been improving our service every year, maintaining the quality of service and reasonable prices. We guarantee that your customers will stay satisfied with the journey and return only with a positive impression.

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