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since 1990
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Our Team

From the time of Marco Polo, the west has been fascinated with Central Asia. Fearful of its legendary conquerors – Attila the Hun – Tamerlane – Genghis Khan. Thankful for the caravans on The Great Silk Road bringing silks and spices.

Central Asia was closed to most foreign travel in Soviet times. After gaining independence, Kazakhstan opened it’s doors to foreign travelers.

This created an opportunity for Tour Asia Company (Established in 1990) to share their knowledge and experience.

You may ask how we differ from other tour companies. The answer is – we care about our Clients. Our knowledgeable staff and guides create comfortable conditions for your trip.

Our team

Our TeamVadimzhan Khaibullin
The Company’s CEO since its start. “If you find a job for your liking then you will never work”. This quote pictures our boss. Exactly. He is keen on mountains being a professional mountain-climber; he is fond of cycling, jogging, and every day he finds time for sports, which gives him an energy boost for the whole working day. In the company he is in charge of important and strategic issues. He is always in step with times and goes an extra mile.

Our Team


Roza Khaibullina
Roza has been the company’s accountant since the very start. Her responsibilities include paying bills, giving out salaries to employees, dealing with financial reports and paying taxes. In her free time, Roza likes reading books and baking.


Our Team


Renata Khaibullina
Renata joined the company in 2017. She is engaged in estimating tour costs, hotel and car reservations and all the related services. In her spare time, she is keen on sports, and spends time with her family and friends.


Our TeamSophia Steblevskaya
Sophia has been with the company since 2010. She is responsible for estimates, working with guides and transport, visa support, web writing, and booking services for our tourists. In her spare time Sofia goes to the mountains, she is keen on running and spending time with her family.


Our brochure and web-site will provide you with information about our tours

There are many of options and we are constantly developing our programs. Therefore, you can change a program to suit your style of travel. Do you have a special interest? Birding? Fishing? Archaeology? Tour Asia can accommodate your interests.

After viewing our web-site, you will be assured in our competence and reliability.

The goal of Tour Asia is to provide you with a safe, comfortable, unforgettable experience in Central Asia. Come join us for an adventure of a lifetime.

Travel Agency Tour Asia actively participates in the international tourism fairs, such as: FITUR-Madrid, ITB-Berlin, MITT-Moscow, JATA-Tokyo, that allows conclude contracts for service and reception with foreign partners.

The advantages of our service:

  • Advisory support is aimed at minimizing the cost of client, allowing the selection of the optimal variant of the route, connecting flights, the cost of travel and living conditions;
  • Integrated approach to solving organizational and financial issues can significantly reduce expenditure items of customers;
  • Negotiations with primary suppliers (airlines, hotels) of services on decrease in tariffs for each customer;
  • Accommodation in hotels of Kazakhstan and CIS;
  • Providing visa support and registration for foreign citizens.
  • Thus, all work of the Agency based on the principles of maximum interaction with customers, meet all the needs, taking into account the features and capabilities of each client.
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