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The History of Kazakhstan and Central Asia

The History of Central Asia is greatly deep and interesting. In his Chronicles, Herodotus mentioned of people called the Sakas and the Massagets. According to his story, in 529 BC the Persian king Cyrus was killed in the campaign against the Massaget Queen Tomiris. Later, in the era of the Roman Empire the name of […]

Features of Altyn-Emel

The national park of “Altyn-Emel” has some features, which are favorably distinguishing it from other national parks of Kazakhstan. Tourism in park develops, first of all, as ecological, in the form of excursions for groups of tourists accompanied by guides-conductors along the established tourist routes. In this regard, in the territory of park purity and […]

Bayanaul National Park

Draw an imaginary line between Astana and Semey, and at the halfway point you will find the Bayanaul Nature Reserve. Kazakhs call it “Nature`s Museum”; it has charming lakes, mountains, pinewoods with strangely formed trees, bizarre rock formations, steppe – there is a bit of everything here, an idyllic coexistence in an area of only […]

Aral Sea

Aral Sea – endorheic salt lake, which is located in Central Asia, on the border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, long time Aral Sea represent by yourself an environmental disaster. The inflow of water depends on the rivers Syrdarya and Amudarya, but the waters of these rivers are used extensively for irrigation of cotton fields and […]

Aksu Zhabagly nature reserve in Kazakhstan

In the territory of Kazakhstan there are 10 nature reserves. They were designed in order to preserve rare animals, birds, and plants. Reserve Aksu-Zhabagly is the oldest and most famous in Central Asia. Aksu Zhably nature reserve covers an area of 1281 square km, and is located within the South Kazakhstan and Zhambyl regions on […]

Medieval cities of Semirechye

In the territory of Semirechye there are ruins of several tens ancient settlements. Names of many are lost. However some of names remained. It, first of all, the cities in the Southern Kazakhstan and in the western part of Semirechya. So, for example, ruins in the modern settlement Merke are the remains of the medieval […]

Saryarka – land of plenty

Long since the extensive elevated territory of Central Kazakhstan is call Saryarka. In literal translation from the Kazakh language Saryarka means “yel­low back”, but semantic interpretation is quite different – “extensive upland”. Some Kazakhstan toponymists are inclined to interpret the word “sary” as ad­jective. In addition, there are many other opinions. One thing is certain: […]

Cosmodrome “Baikonur”

Baikonur Cosmodrome is a unique complex, consisting of complicated technical installations, it is the first and the world’s largest spaceport, which having an international importance. Spaceport is located on the territory of Kazakhstan, near the village of Tyuratam in Kyzylorda region. The word “Baikonur” knows to almost everyone on earth. Baikonur Cosmodrome is a source […]

Nature of Kazakhstan

In an especially favorable Mother Nature to the Kazakh land. She gave generously of her bowels minerals. It is common knowledge now that there is no element of the periodic table, which could not be detected in the mountains or the steppes of Kazakhstan. However, these untold riches for centuries were unknown to the world. […]

Altai – the boundary of Central Asia and Siberia

Altai is mountain system located at the junction of Central Asia and Siberia. Mountains are located in the territory of four countries: Russia, Mongolia, Kazakh­stan and small part of China. It is accepted to distinguish Russian, Mongolian and Kazakh (Kazakhstan) Altai. At the border of Russia, Mongolia and China there is the largest frozen mountain […]

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