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Nature of Kazakhstan

In an especially favorable Mother Nature to the Kazakh land. She gave generously of her bowels minerals. It is common knowledge now that there is no element of the periodic table, which could not be detected in the mountains or the steppes of Kazakhstan.

However, these untold riches for centuries were unknown to the world. Not only deep ¬ lateral hidden underground wealth, but even that can be seen with the naked eye, did not notice the rare foreigners, travelers, who at various times and for various reasons, been in our Kazakhstan. In his diaries and books they wrote about him as a stern, lean on vegetation region of endless steppes and huge sand masses.

Nature of Kazakhstan

At the same time poetic heritage of our nation contains many paintings fascinating beauty of his native land, its infinite expanses, white communities of the Alpine mountains, azure surface of the lake …

The secret here probably lies in the fact that they are rare victuals travelers; saw not all of Kazakhstan, but only its southern limits bordering great deserts of Central Asia, which then ran the trail of the legendary ancient caravan routes linking the major markets of the West and East.

What an incredible contrast not only stun you as extensive as the land itself, a country called Kazakhstan?

In a matter of forty or fifty miles from one another towering use Polinsky snowy peaks, very reminiscent of the legendary pyramids of Egypt pharaohs, increased a thousand fold, with no end in sight steppe stretches huge pale yellow ocean.

Vast sea of meat – and in the middle of a wonderful silvery lake where white swans swim peacefully and proudly raised his head gravely paces rare beautiful birds – flamingos … This – steppe lake Tengiz, which, according to the scientists, owes its appearance here in ancient times fallen giant meteorite.

Nature of Kazakhstan

Ashen-gray hills obscure configurations and hundreds of round holes; similar to the following air strikes … It looks like from the air desert east coast of the Caspian Sea.

These unique phenomena in nature, much of Kazakhstan.

Here, on the Mangyshlak, second, after the famous Dead Sea in the Sinai, the deepest point of the planet – Karagiye, this lies at 132 meters below sea level. Here in Kazakhstan, and the most gigantic moraines, and huge underground lakes, caves and entire neighborhoods…  And from the air like some kind of Kazakhstan worldwide exhibition of works of the best masters of Landscape. Is not shishkinskie landscapes – Irtysh pine forests full of epic calm and a more subtle heart aching tenderness? Levitan breathes freshness and enlightenment priishimskoe undergrowth. And unusually original beauty Karkaraly forests and lakes Bayanaul truly worthy of the miraculous by Hokusai. Like sarian luminous imagination born multicolor prefatory generous valleys south of the country.

Such a variety of terrain and topography vast Kazakh steppes and due to their location, representing the heart of the vast Eurasian continent, which served as the scene of many a turning point not only in the social history of mankind, but also the geological history of the planet.

Nature of Kazakhstan

Abundance is not repetitive in nature rare paintings all over the Kazakh land can be explained more and vastness, which, naturally, involves and climatic diversity. Not days or weeks, but for months winter moves from north to south, and the spring – from the south to the north of the country. When the rivers and lakes of northern regions lie under cover of ice in the southern and northern going apricot blossoms. Kazakhstan extends from west to east by three thousand miles, nearly two thousand miles – from south to north. The average annual rainfall in the mountainous and forested areas – 300-400 mm, plains and steppes – 250. The country has nearly eleven thousand rivers and lakes, among them the world’s largest lake – the Caspian Sea and the fourth largest – Aral.

Creative human activity actively transforms and renews a diverse and colorful image of Kazakh land.

A vast area for centuries unoccupied feather grass steppes now generously Spikes golden wheat. Among the vast array of sand splash of concrete solid shore playful waves of new man-made seas.

Deeper into the steppe of Kazakhstan new irrigation system – thousands and thousands of miles shackled in concrete with artificial river Irtysh water. Drilled hundreds of wells in the most arid lands, fountains and ground water, as if the whole flock ocean whale miraculously made ??their way into these sultry spaces. Conducted vigorous work to clean the water was in rivers, reservoirs and lakes.

Nature of Kazakhstan

Together with the water safely walk in the steppe cotton fields, orchards and gardens, parks and greenhouses, the massive amounts of new forests.

Thanks to the measures taken in Kazakhstan maintained and sensitively restored population of many rare animals. In various natural zones of the country had almost five thousand species of birds and animals.

And the increased attention and tender care of the state of preservation of family wealth with ¬ edge natural. All frightening and destroying all nuclear explosions and mushroom mindless wasting of people is considerable danger to the environment. Humanity is every day more and more aware of the continuing importance of the rational use of biological resources of the planet, real-time protection of flora and fauna from the utilitarian expediency Ned ¬ lekih business executives and crony treatment frivolous admirer’s ¬ number of air and environmental comfort. It’s no longer a secret that civilized society is now characterized not only by the scale of the development of nature, but also a corresponding reduction, and increases its wealth. And the creative power and the intellectual potential of each generation of mankind are revealed not in the changes that it has made to the environment, but in the form in which it leaves it to his grandchildren.

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